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We offer Modern Wushu as a part of our complete Kung Fu and Martial Arts training program

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Modern Wushu 

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Chinese martial arts can be traced back over thousands of years, however modern or contemporary wushu was developed and standardized in the late 1940s. It is the national sport of China and is both an exhibition sport (taolu) and a full-contact sport (sanda/sanshou).

Taolu forms are more widely practiced and is comparable to gymnastics floor routines that emphasizes speed, flexibility, power and acrobatic techniques. Forms have been designed to be more aesthetically pleasing, using lower stances and higher kicks, which is also used for exercise purposes. Difficult acrobatic and aerial movements are also incorporated, gaining favor for exhibitions and competitions.

Modern wushu was made popular by Jet Li, who was a 5 time China wushu national champion before transitioning over to the big screen. Today, wushu is officially practiced in more than 120 countries around the world.

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