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After School Pickup & Martial Arts Program in Hollywood, FL

Florida Wushu Kung Fu Academy's After School Program is Hollywood's favorite alternative to traditional daycare and after school activities.

A Fun & Educational Alternative to Daycare and After School Care

At Florida Wushu Kung-Fu, we specialize in teaching martial arts to children and young adults. We offer after-school classes that are designed to help our students develop physical strength, mental discipline and emotional control. Our instructors have a wealth of experience and are passionate about helping our students reach their goals.

Our classes are structured to help students develop self-confidence, self-discipline, and to foster a respect for others. We believe that martial arts can be a great way to help students stay active and learn important life skills.

Florida Wushu Kung-Fu Academy offers a safe, fun alternative to traditional childcare. Our motivated Martial Arts instructors will give your child the positive attention and care they need everyday.

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After School Program Offers:

Pickup at your school

• Life Skills

• Safe Environment

• AlsoPositive Reinforcement 

• Martial Arts Training


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