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                                                                Summer Camp Available to Kids from 4 to 16 Years Old

Take this opportunity to keep your children mentally and physically active during the summer!

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Bring your children and join our Summer Camp Program starting the first day after school ends.  Our Summer Camp is a nine-week program in which boys and girls (ages 4-15) will enhance their skills, teamwork, communication, and leadership through the help of our coaches.

Here at Florida Wushu Kung-Fu Academy, your kids will find a high-energy mix of martial arts, self-defense, skills, drills, and friendly competition. This class holds an emphasis on martial arts and is the perfect opportunity for beginning and intermediate students to work on improving their skills.

Give your children the chance to exercise both their bodies and minds with the Summer Camp Program! Florida Wushu Kung-Fu enthusiastic and engaging coaches introduce a new discipline to the class. While our smallest students learn basic skills through creative play and station-based learning, our older students improve their skills through activities.

We provide transportation for our field trips.

Children will experience:

   * Martial arts and kickboxing sessions, and archery.

Field Days:

   * TYPark water park

   * OLeta River State Park (snorkel, fishing & beach day)


   * Martial Arts and Kickboxing sessions, Team games, Crafts


   * Field Day


   * Martial Arts and Kickboxing sessions, Archery, Team games, Crafts


   * Field Day


   * Martial Arts and Kickboxing sessions, Team games, Crafts

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